Rescuing kids. 


Help to rescue kids

We work directly with each child to help find a possible solution to get them off the street for good. Our mission is to build a children’s village as a permanent home, as well as a base to work with children we have placed back with their families.

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Give an education

Our Amagezi Project provides education for the children and families we have rescued from the street. You can sponsor one of the children and help provide vocational training for single mothers and children who have aged out of the classroom.

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No child should have to endure living on the street.

Street life is a hard life for children. Many are exposed to physical and sexual violence, sleeping out in the cold, eating from garbage bins and inhaling petrol fumes from plastic bottles. They are often harrassed by the police and are treated as criminals, not children. Help us to work directly with these children to help find solutions to child homelessness in Uganda.

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Soccer in the slums.

We run a soccer academy in Acholi Quarters, a slum located near the city of Kampala. We have three soccer teams, two boys teams and a girls team. Many of the children living in Acholi Quarters would not be able to enjoy the game of soccer, which is hugely popular in Uganda, without our soccer program.