Rescuing children from the streets. 

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Because no child should grow up living on the streets.


Help feed kids

We go into Kisenyi slum each week and run a feeding program that provides hot meals, clothing and medical care for children living on the street. The kids have lack of access to food so end up scrounging from the garbage for scraps of inhale fuel to starve off hunger pains.

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Give the gift of an education

Sponsor a child and help provide an education for one of the children we have rescued from the streets. Your sponsorship makes a big impact in these children’s lives and gives them a much better chance at a good future.

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The streets are no place for a child.

Help us to provide a home and an education for every child living on the streets.

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Make a lasting change.

By sponsoring one of the children we have rescued, you are giving them the gift of an education which will transform their future. You can write letters and will receive regular updates on your child’s progress.