Rescuing children from the street


UBUNTU is working to provide a solution to the problem of children living on the streets in Kampala, Uganda. It is estimated there could be anywhere from 2,000-10,000 children living on the street in Kampala city alone.

Many children run to Kampala from the villages looking to make money in the big city, some are running from family violence or have experienced the death of one or both parents and are stranded as orphans. Many of the children are exposed to sleep deprivation, lack of nutrition and medical care, sexual and physical abuse and many turn to drugs to help them cope with the realities of street life.

Children are often mistreated and beaten by government security guards and are at risk of being thrown into detention centres which are known to treat the children who end up there roughly.

We run a feeding program in Kisenyi to provide hot meals, emergency medical care and clothing for these children. We work to reconcile children with existing family members where possible, and have taken children into our home permanently.

We run an Education project that gives our children access to a good quality education and also provides sewing machines and sewing lessons to women in need. We also run a Soccer Academy in Acholi Quarters and have three soccer teams.

Our goal is to purchase land and begin to build a children’s village to provide a home for children who have no place to go.

A common sight  A child sleeping in a plastic bag on the main street of Kampala.

A common sight A child sleeping in a plastic bag on the main street of Kampala.