Amagezi - providing education and training


Training women
One of the women in our Amagezi project who was rescued from the streets now undertaking sewing lessons to learn a skill to provide for her children.


Our education project is life changing for children and families who we have rescued from the street.  We provide primary and secondary education and vocational training for the people under our project.

We also provide sewing machines and training for women to empower them to be able to provide for their families.

Our goal with our Amagezi project in the future is to build a day primary school that will provide catch up education and training in skills such as sewing, woodwork, mechanics and carpentry specifically for children who have grown up living on the street. 

We offer child sponsorship through Ubuntu for $50 a month,  which helps to provide school fees, books, clothes and new shoes for each child.  By sponsoring one of the children in our project, you are giving them access to an education that was far out of their reach when living on the street.

Sponsor a child