Feeding program


Children living on the street have no access to food and resort to selling plastic bottles to find small amounts of money to purchase food, or they scrounge from garbage bins for scraps. Many choose to inhale petrol fumes from plastic bottles to silence their hunger pains and help them to fall asleep at night.

Our feeding program provides hot meals for over 350 children every week. We also provide emergency medical care for the children as needed.

Every child has the right to access healthy meals and to not suffer from malnutrition or to be susceptible to disease because of lack of nutrition or lack of access to medical care.

Our feeding program helps to provide access to a healthy meal a couple of times per week for these children. We would like to increase the amount of food we can take into Kisenyi each week. Your support will enable us to do that, thank you!


Kiseyi slum, Kampala The feeding program providing hot meals for children living on the streets.