Street Outreach into Kisenyi slum


Children end up on the streets for many different reasons but many end up on the streets due to the death of both parents, escaping family violence, poverty in the home or some run away thinking that the streets offer a better life only to find they are hugely mistaken.  Living on the street looking for food in the garbage, sniffing petrol fumes or enduring abuse is no life for a child. 

On our outreaches, we provide hot meals, clothing, showers and emergency medical care. We have rescued children from the street and reconciled them with family members & taken children in.

Our project focus has shifted and grown to building a children’s village so that we have a base and can rescue as many children as possible from life on the street and provide them with a permanent home.

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Marthias Mulumba Feeding the children in Kisenyi slum