March 2019



This month Marthias went and had visiting day with the kids in school, and they are all continuing to do well.. a massive thank you to those of you who have given towards our school fees & sponsor our kids, thank you! We are now starting to do it all over again, raising funds for Term 2 school fees.. if you would like to give towards our Amagezi project and help us get our kids back into school next term it would be very much appreciated! We still have 6 kids who need sponsors… if you know anyone (or yourself) who would like to sponsor a child through Ubuntu, please forward our website link on to them. You can sponsor one of our kids here

We also have a need for some mobile phones. A friend of ours is heading over to Uganda in June and is happy to take them over for us (they will get stolen in the post!) If you’ve recently upgraded a phone and have a spare one sitting around, please send us an e-mail and I am more than happy to come and take it off your hands, or give you our postal address! Our team is often without phones and they are vital part of our work… even iphone 5’s are great in Uganda, so how old they are doesn’t really matter! It would be so helpful to our team on the ground to have a few extras.

We have quite a few speaking events coming up in April, so please take a look at our Events page as we would love to meet you in person.

Thank you all for your support, may God richly bless you.


Lauren Perkins