Land purchase


The purpose of our land purchase is to build a children’s home for kids who have lived on the streets.

Land will help make Ubuntu sustainable locally. We will farm the land and grow corn (maize), beans and other vegetables and fruits. We aim to raise chickens for eggs and cows and goats for milk and meat.

Purchasing land will be income generating as it will provide food for our children and our programs and enable us to sell any excess produce at local markets.

The land will provide educational opportunities for children to learn about farming and create jobs and provision for themselves and their families in the future. We also aim to build a children’s home on the property.

The land we wish to purchase is close to the highway that runs into Kampala, and has access to electricity and a running river. The block is surrounded by land available to purchase to enable us to expand, if we wish to, at a later date.

The land costs $15,000 (AUD) to purchase, and is 1.5 hectares. Any donations towards our land purchase would be much appreciated, and is tax deductible.



Kampala, Uganda The land block of land we aim to purchase to build a farm and children’s home.