Hamza visiting his mother

We took Hamza to his home village to visit his mother, who he hadn’t seen in many years. It was so beautiful to see the joy on his mother’s face to see her son. It was also a joy for Hamza to see his mother again, and he also chased down his father and caught up with him later on.

Hamza’s mother was working in a field and we found out that her house had burned down after an accidental fire. This family also lives in extreme poverty like so many others in Uganda. We were happy to bring down a few supplies and join this family back together for a short time.

Lauren Perkins
Najib's story
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Najib is an awesome young man Marthias found selling soap on the streets to help raise money for himself and his elderly grandmother. We took Najib from the streets and put him into school. If you would like to sponsor Najib’s education or help support his extended family we would love to hear from you!

Lauren Perkins
Erick's story
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Erick has spent most of his childhood living on the streets.  He knew Marthias for a long time before Marthias has the resources to help him.  Marthias ran into Erick down the street and asked if we were able to take him in and of course I said yes!  We chased down Erick’s family and found that since he had been living on the streets both his mother and his father had passed away.  It was very sad for all of us to discover this.  Erick’s remaining relatives were not in a position to take him in and educate him so Erick came to live with us. 

Erick is now in school and is a handful but we love him to death and couldn’t imagine life without him.  Erick is extremely smart. We arrange for him to visit his relatives in the school holidays so he doesn’t lose touch with them.  We hope that we will have resources available to help his extended family in the future.

Lauren Perkins
Denis' story

Denis was found on in Kisenyi with his leg in a cast and in pain.  We took Denis to the hospital and found out that someone had taken him in for treatment but couldn’t afford to pay so the doctor just set the cast without actually treating the leg.  Thankfully, we were able to pay for his treatment and he has made a full recovery.

After his operation, we weren’t sure what to do with Denis.. as returning him to the street was not an option.  Denis didn’t speak English or Luganda, so no-one could understand him but we decided to take him into our home and look after him as our own.  Unfortunately, all Denis did was cry at the house and no-one could work out what was wrong.  With the help of a translator, we found out Denis wanted to go home.  We found out he was from Lira, 8 hours away.

We arranged for Denis to be taken home and travelled there to find his family.  We managed to track down his mother and we found out that Denis had run away from home as his father had abandoned the family and left them.  He’d been missing his father and left home in the hope he would find him.  Instead, he had found himself 8 hours from home and living on the street with no way to return home.  Thankfully, his mother was very happy to see him home and he has stayed home with his family ever since.

Lauren Perkins
Isma's story

Isma was found in Kisenyi with a large wound in his foot.  We were able to raise the funds needed for Isma’s care in hospital and the treatment was a huge success.  Unfortunately, after the operation we lost track of Isma who disappeared back to the streets.  However, we are happy he got the care he needed and is no longer in pain.  We hope to see Isma again in the future and will share any updates.

Lauren Perkins
Afusa's story

Afusa we found living in a cardboard shelter in Kisenyi with her children and a newborn baby.  We took her and her children off the streets and placed her into a small rented home.  We have since found sponsors for her children and all her school aged children are now in school.  Sophia, the baby, is doing really well and growing fast… she has even started walking! 

We support Afusa every week with food, rent money and she is now undertaking sewing lessons to give herself a skill to help provide for her family.  We are very proud of how far her and her children have come, it is amazing what a little love and support can do!

Lauren Perkins
Hamza's story

Hamza was found by Marthias in a very bad state.  10 years ago when the Queen visited Kampala, the council made it clear that no street children were allowed out on the streets.  Hamza, unfortunately, didn’t listen to this rule.  He went out onto the streets and was severely beaten by police and ended up with a wound on his leg.  The wound went untreated for 9 years and got larger and very infected to the point where Hamza was in constant pain and really struggling to stay awake.  He was taken to the hospital where doctors told him if he didn’t find funds for treatment, his leg would be amputated. 

In partnership with African Action International, we organised Hamza’s operation and his aftercare.  He is now doing really well, and hasn’t lost his leg.  Unfortunately, Hamza still lives on the street but we would love to find him a sponsor who is willing to partner with us to put Hamza through some welding training.  He loves welding and working with his hands, and has some prior training, he hopes to one day open his own welding shop which is something we would like to support him in accomplishing.

Lauren Perkins
May 2019 - Projects Update
Amagezi Project  A few of our kids in school on visiting day

Amagezi Project A few of our kids in school on visiting day

Over the last month, we are happy to report that all our children went back to school for Term 2 after a restful school holiday for 3 weeks. We were able to purchase everything they needed, and we also sent Aisha off to school, one of the little girls we rescued from the street with her family. She was very excited to start school alongside her sister and has settled in well.

We managed to get four mobile phones packed up and sent off with our friend Max to Uganda, which will greatly assist our team on the ground in Kisenyi in communicating and sending us photos!

We have crunched the numbers, and we have worked out that we have sent well over 100,000 hot meals into Kisenyi over the past few years.. a number we are very proud of! We have rescued kids from the street, provided clothing, major operations and dealt with countless minor medical emergencies. We are so proud of the work we are doing on the ground, and plan to continue it for a very long time! Our ultimate vision being to build Hope Village, our permanent children’s home. We have a massive vision, but all things are possible with God.

We would like to thank Celebrating Easter, City Builders church in Newborough & Sale, and Life Centre Church in Morwell for allowing us to come and share our work, and host fundraisers for us. We thank everyone who has given towards our work, and helped us to make an impact on the ground. Thank you!

Lauren Perkins