Denis' story


Denis was found on in Kisenyi with his leg in a cast and in pain.  We took Denis to the hospital and found out that someone had taken him in for treatment but couldn’t afford to pay so the doctor just set the cast without actually treating the leg.  Thankfully, we were able to pay for his treatment and he has made a full recovery.

After his operation, we weren’t sure what to do with Denis.. as returning him to the street was not an option.  Denis didn’t speak English or Luganda, so no-one could understand him but we decided to take him into our home and look after him as our own.  Unfortunately, all Denis did was cry at the house and no-one could work out what was wrong.  With the help of a translator, we found out Denis wanted to go home.  We found out he was from Lira, 8 hours away.

We arranged for Denis to be taken home and travelled there to find his family.  We managed to track down his mother and we found out that Denis had run away from home as his father had abandoned the family and left them.  He’d been missing his father and left home in the hope he would find him.  Instead, he had found himself 8 hours from home and living on the street with no way to return home.  Thankfully, his mother was very happy to see him home and he has stayed home with his family ever since.

Lauren Perkins