Erick's story

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Erick has spent most of his childhood living on the streets.  He knew Marthias for a long time before Marthias has the resources to help him.  Marthias ran into Erick down the street and asked if we were able to take him in and of course I said yes!  We chased down Erick’s family and found that since he had been living on the streets both his mother and his father had passed away.  It was very sad for all of us to discover this.  Erick’s remaining relatives were not in a position to take him in and educate him so Erick came to live with us. 

Erick is now in school and is a handful but we love him to death and couldn’t imagine life without him.  Erick is extremely smart. We arrange for him to visit his relatives in the school holidays so he doesn’t lose touch with them.  We hope that we will have resources available to help his extended family in the future.

Lauren Perkins