Hamza's story


Hamza was found by Marthias in a very bad state.  10 years ago when the Queen visited Kampala, the council made it clear that no street children were allowed out on the streets.  Hamza, unfortunately, didn’t listen to this rule.  He went out onto the streets and was severely beaten by police and ended up with a wound on his leg.  The wound went untreated for 9 years and got larger and very infected to the point where Hamza was in constant pain and really struggling to stay awake.  He was taken to the hospital where doctors told him if he didn’t find funds for treatment, his leg would be amputated. 

In partnership with African Action International, we organised Hamza’s operation and his aftercare.  He is now doing really well, and hasn’t lost his leg.  Unfortunately, Hamza still lives on the street but we would love to find him a sponsor who is willing to partner with us to put Hamza through some welding training.  He loves welding and working with his hands, and has some prior training, he hopes to one day open his own welding shop which is something we would like to support him in accomplishing.

Lauren Perkins