May 2019 - Projects Update

Amagezi Project  A few of our kids in school on visiting day

Amagezi Project A few of our kids in school on visiting day

Over the last month, we are happy to report that all our children went back to school for Term 2 after a restful school holiday for 3 weeks. We were able to purchase everything they needed, and we also sent Aisha off to school, one of the little girls we rescued from the street with her family. She was very excited to start school alongside her sister and has settled in well.

We managed to get four mobile phones packed up and sent off with our friend Max to Uganda, which will greatly assist our team on the ground in Kisenyi in communicating and sending us photos!

We have crunched the numbers, and we have worked out that we have sent well over 100,000 hot meals into Kisenyi over the past few years.. a number we are very proud of! We have rescued kids from the street, provided clothing, major operations and dealt with countless minor medical emergencies. We are so proud of the work we are doing on the ground, and plan to continue it for a very long time! Our ultimate vision being to build Hope Village, our permanent children’s home. We have a massive vision, but all things are possible with God.

We would like to thank Celebrating Easter, City Builders church in Newborough & Sale, and Life Centre Church in Morwell for allowing us to come and share our work, and host fundraisers for us. We thank everyone who has given towards our work, and helped us to make an impact on the ground. Thank you!

Lauren Perkins